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Diveagar (Dive Agar) is a village located in Shrivardhan Taluka, Raigad district in the Indian state of Maharashtra, approximately 170 kilometers south of Mumbai.The area is peaceful, clean and sparsely populated. The region includes a fishing settlement, a beach, a temple, local businesses engaged in coconut and beetle nut tree farming, and some tourism businesses such as restaurants, cottage rentals and hotels, and six villages (from north to south): Velās, Musalmāndi, Agar Panchaitan, Diveagar, Borlai Panchaitan, and Kārle. The beach, facing the Arabian Sea, is approximately four kilometers long[3] and undeveloped. At the north end of the beach where a small stream enters the ocean there is the fishing settlement, Velas Agar, and some paddy farming, while at the south end there is a sanctuary for migratory seabirds. Nearby, there is a small fishing village, where vendors sell fresh fish, which goes by name of Bharadkhol.[4] The beach is accessible from the Mumbai-Goa highway via Kolad or Karnala.
Diveagar Beach

Diveagar beach is a charming natural beauty situated in the Raigad district of Maharashtra and is situated 170 kilometres away from the capital city of Mumbai. A perfect representation of all that the Konkan Coast stands for, Diveagar Beach is a quaint amalgam of greenery and azure water with gentle sprinkles of white sand. Another unique aspect of the beach is that it is not a flat surface beach, rather, the wavy shores of the Diveagar beach along with the strong tides from the Arabian sea make it an ideal setting for sea surfing. A perfect weekend getaway for the beach holidays from nearby cities like Mumbai and Pune, there are also a variety of activities that you can pursue at Diveagar beach as well. The coastline of the Diveagar Beach stretches across the length of 5 kilometres which is laden with the palm, Beatles and casuarina trees that are commonly found in Maharashtrian soil. The tide is low during the morning hours and you can frolick around in the water with your kids for the ultimate water adventure. One of the best ways to navigate the same is by taking an evening stroll along the frothy sea as the sun sets in the backdrop. Evening time also call for buggy rides which is an adventure in its own right. There are some beach resorts located on the Diveagar beach where tourists make their stay for a tranquil beach vacation.
Murud Janjira

A wooden structure created in 16th century by some fishermen in order to seek protection from pirates, today this impregnable fort serves as an important tourist attraction. It is also believed to be the stronghold of the Siddy Dynasty. What makes this structure all the more striking is its beautiful location and surroundings. Situated on an oval shaped rock about 15 kms from Diveagar, the place is flanked by Arabian Sea on all sides. The fort was renovated to the present structure and now comprises of numerous towers and turrets for the storage of ammunition with aim of seeking security. Being assaulted by salt water on daily basis, the place still has been able to retain its age old glory.
Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary

A paradise for nature and wildlife lovers, Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary is place that offers various species of animals, birds, plants and reptiles with a natural habitat. Sprawling across an area of 53 sq km, this sanctuary lies in Raigad District between western Coast and Northern Sahyadri Range. This place was once the hunting ground for the Siddhi Nawab of the Janjira State and is believed that many water bodies and roads were built within the premises for the king. Also several villages were evacuated for the same purpose. Today, this place is packed with bounty of fauna including wild boar, panther, sambar and barking deer. Plenty of bird species are also a part of this place about 148 in number such as forest wagtail, flycatcher, pied hornbill, footed green pigeon, black eagle etc. Besides various types of fauna this place is also home to flora in great abundance, About 710 species of plants are found here like ficus, teak, Clitoria biflora etc
Lord Suvarnaganesha Temple

Lord Suvarnaganesha Temple is a temple of great significance owing to its 300 years old idol of Lord Ganesha also referred to as Suvarnaganesha. The idol is famed as it is crafted with 24 carat pure gold and measures to be 60 cm tall and weighs as 1.3 kg. It is believed that this gold sculpture was a replacement for a stone idol of Lord Ganesha. According to folklore, on Sankashti Chaturthi on 17 November 1997, Draupadi Dharma Patil unearthed a copper chest about 40-50 cm below the ground while working on a coconut plantation. The chest weighed about 30 kg and measured to be 37.5 cm in length, 45 cm in width and 17.5 cm high. It is said that the box was engraved with the text in Sanskrit language of 10th century.
Sundernayaran Temple

Sundernayaran Temple is an ancient temple believed to be established in 13th century under the reign of King Shilahar. Also known as Rupnayaran Temple, the place features some exquisitely carved sculptures. The idol of the presiding deity of the temple comprises of four hands each accessorized with Gada (weapon), Shank (Shell), padma (Lotus) and Chakra (Wheel). Each of these accessories is beautifully carved showcasing 24 distinct forms of Lord Vishnu when seen clockwise.
Bankot Fort

Situated in Bagmandala close to Diveagar about 4 km away, Bankot Fort is place for history buffs. It is said that the fort was captured by the Portuguese from Adil Shah in 1545 and was later acquired by Marathas. Also known as Himmat Garh, the fort even today stands in its full glory though what remain of it are only its ruins. The place is also famed for an opportunity for its tourists of exploring the northern region of the bay. Gajanan Temple is also featured by the fort located just at its entrance called Mahadarwaja and is adorned with an ornamented balcony displaying arches. One can also see a graveyard lying in the outer regions of the fort. The graves comprises of vertical pillars as headstones and marble inscriptions.
Shopping in Diveagar

For shopping the village, there is almost next to nothing except beetle nuts and products made from coconut coir. Apart from that the place is a paradise for nature lovers but a big downer for shopaholics.
Harihareshwar Beach

A major and a popular tourist attraction, Harihareshwar Beach is located close to Shrivardhan in Harihareshwar. The beach is flanked by Arabian Sea and is famed for its sandy shores and cool atmosphere. Harihara Hill located close by on the sea shore serves as the prime attraction. Another activity that you may indulge in is boat ride which can be hired easily.